Thursday, March 14, 2013

SAP DKOM 2013 talk: HANA Query Federation

In SAP DKOM 2013 conference, most topics are about the HANA platform, which clearly reflects SAP's determination and efforts to becoming the 2nd largest database company. Of all the topics, an interesting one to me is HANA federation.

The SAP real time data platform includes four major components: Transactional Data Management(Sybase ASE), In-Memory Innovations(HANA DB), Analytics EDW Data Management(Sybase IQ), Mobile Data Management(SQL Anywhere). It may also contain a Complex Event Processing(CEP) module as the data source. Built on top of that are SAP's solutions including Business Suites and Cloud/Mobile/Analytics Apps. Of course, the core of this platform is the HANA DB which provide real-time analytics.

With so many different DBMS underneath, an obvious and challenging question is how to federate the access to those data? SAP is developing solutions so that in the HANA studio we can issue queries not only on HANA tables, but also on any kinds of data sources as along as ODBC is supported. We can join the HANA tables with other tables like Sybase ASE, IQ, or even Hadoop, and everything is transparent for the customers.

In order to achieve this, we first create proxy tables that links to the other underlying data sources, for example Hadoop. Then the query plan will ship corresponding operators to those servers, get translated into Hive scripts, and run remotely there. The results will be transmitted back to HANA studio. Specifically filtering operators are also passed to the remote server to minimize the data transmitted.

Sometimes the remote server may take quite some time to finish the job. But the optimizer in the main server cannot have any estimates at this time. For example Hadoop. As an ongoing future work SAP is collaborating with Intel, to estimate and monitor the running time of jobs in remote server, so that the main server won't need to hang there waiting.


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