Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big data talk by Dheeraj from Zynga

Went to the meetup "Big Data - Challenges, Solutions and A Comparative Analysis" organized by Taleo this evening. Dheeraj Soti, principal engineer from Zynga gave the talk. An interesting fact: Zynga is using Vertica as their big data analytics platform (they're actually the largest customer of Vertica, and their system size has grown from single digit to 1000 nodes nowadays). I was just wondering why they didn't use any of the popular NoSQL solutions such as Hadoop. As Dheeraj introduced, the data are collected from many game centers and then bulk load to Vertica. General reports are run overnight. I had thought Zynga is a social game company, and NoSQL should be very effective for social data analysis, and are actually deployed by most social leading companies such as Facebook. Maybe I had some misunderstanding in his talk. But can it be true that Zynga didn't use any NoSQL?

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